Pandora’s Playspace

A cozy creative studio near the center of Utrecht.

It’s the fulfilled dream of expressive arts practitioner / dance-movement facilitator Suzan Lemont and functions in multidisciplinary / modal ways as a vortex of creativity and creative offerings.

You might benefit from a visit to us if: you suffer from stress and its negative effects in your life; you have a longing to get in touch with your (perhaps lost) creativity; you enjoy moving your body and discovering new ways to live in it; you love to dance but have an injury or chronic illness that has limited your ability to attend regular classes; you have urgent or nagging questions about how to live your life with more integrity or presence but you need a guide/witness to work with you; you think you’re not creative on the one hand, but know deep inside that you really ARE on the other hand; you would like to be part of a safe, accepting, vibrant community that supports and nurtures each individual’s unique development and forms of expression; you need an affordable way to keep mentally and physically fit but not a fan of sport schools or the gym..  

Available services:

Weekly dance movement meditation sessions

Body-mind connectivity

Integrated movement/visual art/creative writing workshops

Movement Improvisation Skills/Embodied Philosophy classes and performances

Individuals, couples, and family expressive arts therapy sessions

Sunday morning and Sunday evening guided dance meditation sessions

Expressive arts trainings for professional and community workers

Mini Writing Retreats

Tarot and Visual Images for Personal Development Workshops

Taming Chronic Illness Workshops

Movement for the Physically Impaired sessions

Contact Improvisation for Better Relationships

Customized classes and workshops for individuals and small groups…

and more!