For years I have dreamed of a home from which I could offer my many gifts that all center around everything to do with creativity: movement and dance sessions, intermodal (art, music, dance, theater, writing) play and atelier sessions, expressive arts training courses for professional and students of psychology and art and youth workers… dance meditations and accessible classes for people with chronic illnesses/challenges such as CFS, Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Injuries, Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Arthritis, etc., movement, music and dance theater improvisation sessions… endless possibilities. I have over 35 years of experience in using all the creative expressive art forms in individual and group work – but for a long time, nowhere from which to ground it. I did free-lance for many years, worked for the cultural center for the University of utrecht and University College Utrecht, where most of my offerings were received very well among the students and seekers of more creative and constructive ways to live. For the past 6 years I have worked very little due to injuries and a battle with chronic Lyme disease, but now I’m strong enough, and energized enough to dive into a new realm, a new space.

Pandora’s Playspace is a subsidized studio space from the Gemeente Utrecht which allows me to rent for less than a normal-priced studio. In this space, art should be made and presented to the public, and it will be through the improvisation/dance theater group that is forming (more details later). Besides this, I am allowed to give classes and to make various offerings to the community as a social entrepreneur. I want this space to vibrate with the power of people using their creativity to solve problems, to find peace, to connect with one another and to co-create joyful, thoughtful, challenging, and breathtaking experiences in the art of living as a human in the 21st century.

Whether it’s a Sunday Morning Dance Prayers session, or a mixed disciplines atelier session, or the long-term expressive arts training course, or the regular or occasional meditative dance session, or an individual or couples therapy session, or a project that hasn’t even been hatched yet, you are welcome here. With your doubts, insecurities, vibrant colors, different backgrounds and physical conditions, your opinions and needs count. Looking forward for you to come and play in this beautiful new space.

With love,

Suzan Lemont – the opener of boxes and the spirit of Pandora


The expressive arts (dance / movement, visual, music, theater, creative writing, story-telling / ritual): theory and practice.

Trauma and Resilience Research and Practice.

The psychology of the arts and the importance of art in society.

Group dynamics, children, women’s empowerment, non-verbal communication.

Innovative Education / Educational Theory and Practice