(Trauma Informed)

Expressive Arts PsychoTherapist, Consultant, & Educator


Holistic Body-Mind Practitioner

Dance Theater Maker

The expressive arts literally saved my life. So now I practice Expressive Arts in multiple guises: currently as the creator of Pandora’s Playspace, an expressive arts studio in Utrecht, the Netherlands; as initiator and founder of the Netherlands Refugee Research & Training Project; as Director of Facilitator Training for the Heal Her project (Safe Space / Storytelling Circles for Survivors of Gender-Based Violence); as a conductor of body-mind sessions and other intermodal ExA workshops; as the Co-Coordinator of the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA) Europe region; as a writer of articles and books/book chapters involving various aspects within/around the ExA field including research & practice, and the role of ExA in healing/culture/education & society; as a presenter at conferences and gatherings (next stop, the Expressive Arts Summit in L.A. in April 2020) and as a never-tiring advocate for the increased visibility and acceptance of the expressive arts in all areas of society.

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Pandora’s Playspace
Ravellaan 96
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